An important diagnostic tool

A voiding diary

what exactly is that?

An important diagnostic tool

Voiding diary or micturition ghostwriter/ diary is a term used helpful resources by urologists, gynecologists and other healthcare providers. A voiding diary is an overview that lists the amount of fluid you drink and the amount of urine you produce during a 24-hour period (or multiple periods). In a voiding diary you register each individual drink with its volume, each pee with its volume (by using a measuring cup) and each incident of urine loss. For each of these moments, you also indicate how much urge you felt and whether or not you had pain at, before or after that specific moment.

Why do I need a voiding diary?

If you consult a urologist because of urinary problems, he will most likely ask you to carefully fill in such a voiding diary during 1 or more consecutive days. In that way, the doctor obtains a good image of your lower urinary tract function and the kind and severity of your symptoms. A voiding diary is like a fingerprint of your bladder’s behavior and thus forms the basis for urological diagnosing. Depending on the information in the voiding diary, your urologist may decide upon further diagnostic procedures to identify the cause of your specific problems.

On paper or on a smartphone?

A voiding diary used to be a paper form that was handed out to the patient for entering his or her data with a pen. The launch of iP Voiding Diary marks the entrance of an easy-to-use alternative for this pen-and-paper based form. iP Voiding Diary overcomes the typical downsides of pen-and-paper-based voiding diaries, like insufficient user compliance, difficult to read manual entries and inconsistent terminology. In addition to that, iP Voiding Diary offers a fully new way of presenting the outcome of your recordings.

Input and output, both fully graphical

The digital voiding diary in iP Voiding Diary excels in quickly capturing all required urinary information in a user-friendly and intuitive way. Data entry becomes a child’s play. Also the output of iP Voiding Diary is a revolution in the way medical data are being displayed. By using clear infographics and by comparing your results to international standards, you gain immediate insight in your fluid-management systems and the corresponding findings. From now on, the standard for deploying voiding diaries is going to be the digital format of iP Voiding Diary.

“Medical data belong to the patient. But then at least explain them in a way that the patient understands the meaning of those data. So not in endless tables with numbers, but through intuitive images and infographics.”
Erich Taubert Urologist