Your water balance

I need to pee very often.

is that normal?

Your water balance

Frequent urination does not always mean there is something wrong with you. The frequency of urination and the amount of urine that your body produces per day depends on a number of factors, like the amount of fluid that you drink, the amount of sweat that you produce and a number of genetically predefined conditions. Because of this multitude of influencing factors, there is no fixed number of ‘normal pees per day’ or ‘normal urine amount per day’ and therefore no hard criteria to define what is frequent urination.

How do I know if I suffer from frequent urination?

In order to evaluate whether or not you suffer from frequent urination, your doctor will rely on a number of standard ratios and ranges that are based on international literature findings and that are broadly accepted as ‘normal’ ranges. Before your doctor can formally confirm the diagnosis frequent urination, he will usually ask you to fill in a so-called voiding diary during 1 or more days. In this diary you enter all of your daily fluid intakes, the frequency and volume of your pees and your moments of urine loss (if applicable). The picture coming out of a voiding diary is the first step towards confirming the diagnosis frequent urination; or not.

Fingerprinting your bladder behavior

So if you think you might be suffering from frequent urination yourself, start with monitoring your voiding behavior by filling in such a diary. The new app iP Voiding Diary makes pen-and-paper based voiding diaries obsolete by offering this functionality directly on your iPhone (or iPod touch). Now you can easily keep track of all intakes, pees and leaks during one or more cycles of 24 hours. In addition to that, iP Voiding Diary captures standardized data input on the degree of urge and/or pain before, during and after each toilet visit.

A digital voiding diary; good for you and your doctor

Frequent urination is no longer just a feeling or a hunch. iP Voiding Diary produces a crystal-clear report that compares your voiding behavior with international ratios. This information makes you much better prepared for a subsequent discussion with your doctor. And your doctor will welcome the additional information in the iP Voiding Diary report as input for further diagnostic procedures to find the underlying cause of your frequent urination.