Paper does not belong in the toilet…

Paper-based or digital

what makes the difference?

Paper does not belong in the toilet…

iP Voiding Diary, in short iP, is a mobile application for the iPhone and iPod touch. This app makes it very easy to build a so-called voiding diary, a kind of fingerprint of your bladder’s behavior. All you need to do is to keep track of everything you drink (water, soda, coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages) and what you pee (volume measured in a measuring cup). Next to these findings you indicate the amount of urge that you felt before peeing and if you had any pain during a specific pee. iP also allows you to precisely register the moments of urine loss that you may have and the activities that caused these leakages.

In short: a completely filled in voiding diary in iP provides you with a comprehensive overview of your voiding behavior and bladder functioning. This information may prove to be very helpful for yourself, your family doctor or other healthcare professional.

A pen-and-paper based voiding diary or a digital one?

Before the launch of iP, all voiding diaries were pen-and-paper based. Most urologists keep an archive of many, many filled-in forms with paper diaries from their patients. Quite often, the information in such lists is incomplete, difficult to read or inconsistent in the use of specific wording. Such sub-optimally filled-in lists can make it difficult for healthcare professionals to distill a clear picture of their patients’ water management system.

The digital voiding diary of iP not only provides an easier way of data entry for the patient, but also helps in improving the quality of and consistency in data quality. The consistent and graphical way of capturing the patient’s specific data contributes to a much more reliable picture on potential bladder problems. In addition to that, the innovative reporting functionality provides crystal-clear transparency in all the details of your bladder’s behavior. Such a report helps in preparing yourself for a follow-up meeting with your healthcare provider.

Where can I find iP Voiding Diary and how do I use it?

You can find iP Voiding Diary in the App Store and download it for free. The app works on the iPhone and iPod touch. After starting the app, you may choose to immediately purchase 1 or more so-called Cycles, each of which provides 24-hours of data recording time. As soon as that period ends, your findings will be accessible in the reporting section. Your results are visible in a fancy infographics report, which you may also send out by email as a pdf-file to yourself or your doctor.

If you prefer to test-run the app without immediately storing your data, you may choose the Demo Mode. In this mode, you can try out the full functionality of the app (excluding reporting) and quickly learn how to interpret the intuitive user interface. In this way you feel more comfortable later on when purchasing active Cycles to start actual data recording and reporting. When there is no Cycle in use for data recording, the Demo Mode is always available to the user in order to show others how the app works.

“My patients are often a little bit older and not used to typing in data on a smartphone. But with this app that is not an issue, anyone can do this. And that Demo Mode is great; my nurses use it to show the patient how to fill in the required info in the app. And if they want, patients can practice further at home before they actually start recording their personal data.”
Erich Taubert Urologist